Dana Perino’s LIE About Diane Sawyer’s Interview with Mitt Romney

The Lie?
During a segment on the Fox News late night program Red Eye, Fox News Contributor (and former Bush White House mouthpiece) Dana Perino made the false claim that ABC’s Diane Sawyer had asked Gov. Mitt Romney about putting his dog Seamus on the roof of his car. “That was her first question,” Perino claimed. “Not how are you going to create jobs? What is going wrong? How will you turn things around? It was why did you let your dog ride on the roof of the car,” she asked breathlessly. Such a claim against a member of the supposed “liberal media,” would continue to advance the notion that news outlets other than Fox News aren’t appropriately taking Romney seriously.
The Truth
According to a transcript of the interview, the question about Seamus was the 23rd one asked. A variety of serious subjects were asked of Romney before the one about Seamus. (sources: mediaite.com/ and abcnews.com )
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One comment on “Dana Perino’s LIE About Diane Sawyer’s Interview with Mitt Romney

  1. Farmer Browne on said:

    It’s so funny to watch Fox news as on election night they repeated so many LIES throughout the year that when reality set in with the true election results, they were SHELL SHOCKED to learn the truth from other real MEDIA associates. smile. FOX NEWs when will they learn that only the TRUTH will set you free.

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