Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson LIES about Obama’s Supposed Tax on Christmas Trees

The Lie? On the November 8th, 2011 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson LIED by claiming, “The Obama administration, adding a Christmas tree tax, while the government ‘Grinching’ 15 cents out of your pockets potentially.”
The Truth Discussion about what would lead to an additional Christmas tree, started BEFORE the President Obama took office - in February of 2008. What’s more, the fee levels are not set by the government, but by the Christmas tree industry. And further, this LIE had been first advanced by Matt Drudge, in a Drudge Report item titled, “Obama’s new Christmas Tree Tax.” Such claims support the faulty notion that Barack Obama hates Christmas and Christians. The fees were designed to help the Christmas tree industry better market its products. They were never intended to go into the government’s coffers.  (source:


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6 comments on “Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson LIES about Obama’s Supposed Tax on Christmas Trees

  1. Undisclosed on said:

    I believed her. Everything else is being taxed.

  2. freedoms66 on said:

    That’s the problem. You believed her, instead of the facts.

  3. I remember this well. If you would have continued watching, they went on to tell everyone that it was done by the christmas tree association to raise money for advertising, not the obama administration. They also stated that the tax would not affect christmas tree sales.

  4. Daniel McCarthy on said:

    She opened with these words “….the Obama administration adding a Christmas tree tax,,,,”

    That was a lie, plain and simple so, whatever she said after that, is not relevant.

  5. K-Man on said:

    Fox “News” plays on the emotions - that’s what made them the most watched cable news source! To some audiences the facts don’t count.

  6. Walter B. Wood on said:

    Fox News Is a pack of filthy Lies!!!!!!

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