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My name is Edward A. Owens. Although I’m breaking out in hives while I write this, I was once a devoted Fox News watcher. But sometime between the 2006 midterm elections, and the 2008 general elections, I’d had enough. I started getting my news elsewhere.

It wasn’t the result of the constant conservative slant Fox News put on much of what it told its audience. I’m a liberal, and I can take it.

What was most disheartening about Fox News were the pre-packaged narratives that served as the basis for much of what it passed off as “Fair and Balanced.”

If Democrats and liberals are portrayed as being automatically wrong and, in some cases, as being willfully so, while conservatives ride the white horses, then the nightly narratives are set; the characters have been cast, and all that is needed is for the curtain to rise. The fiction is sure to follow.

By 2010, I’d unburdened myself of the frustrations of discussing politics with people who claimed they were Fox News watchers. I’d come to the conclusion that no matter how many facts I’d present to refute the latest Fox News morality play, I would soon be disregarded, but only because I’m a liberal.

Fox News Lies, is my answer to those people. When protesters in Madison, Wisconsin began chanting “Fox Lies,” they had become the latest Fox News villain. Their motives had been questioned; their methods had been inappropriately characterized, and they, too, had had enough!

I applaud them, and wish them well. They gave me a great idea I call Fox News Lies.

One final thing. If you came here looking for a list of grievances about the opinions expressed on Fox News, you’ll find few of those here. It’s the opinions disguised as “facts” that I’m most concerned with. And I’m sure you’ll find lots of those here!

E.A. Owens
Lie Detector

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