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The Serial Fox News LIE About Drops in Net Worth Under President Obama


The Lie? On a number of Fox News shows on June 12th, 2012 Karl Rove, Steve Doocy, Sean Hannity and Patti Ann Browne overstated and misstated the findings contained within a Federal Reserve Board Survey by claiming that a 38.8 percent drop in the median net worth of Americans had taken place during “the last […]

Dana Perino’s LIE About Diane Sawyer’s Interview with Mitt Romney


The Lie? During a segment on the Fox News late night program Red Eye, Fox News Contributor (and former Bush White House mouthpiece) Dana Perino made the false claim that ABC’s Diane Sawyer had asked Gov. Mitt Romney about putting his dog Seamus on the roof of his car. “That was her first question,” Perino […]

Karl Rove’s (Repeated) LIE About President Obama’s Loan to Brazil

Karl Rove

The Lie? On the February 20th, 2012 edition of the Fox News show Hannity, Fox News contributor Karl Rove (R-Fox News), repeated the falsehood that President Obama gave a ($2 billion) loan to Brazil’s national oil company - Petrobras. According to Rove, “The president even gave a loan to Brazil. Why do they need our […]

Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Lie


The Lie? On the June 5th, 2011 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Fox News contributor Sarah Palin about her twisted explanation of the events regarding Paul Revere’s famous ride. According to Palin, Revere warned the British that the British were coming. In Palin’s history books, we suppose, Revere was a strong […]

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