Sean Hannity’s Mammogram Lie

The Lie?
On the March 30th edition of Hannity, Sean Hannity claimed that Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards had uttered a “falsehood” about her organization performing mammograms. Hannity used an out of context interview to imply that Richards had said Planned Parenthood provides breast examinations, when she was clearly saying it provides access to them.
The Truth
If Hannity, or somebody on his staff (even a trained monkey) would have taken one minute to visit the Planned Parenthood web site, they could have discovered that it does not regularly “provide” breast examinations. If you search the web site for “mammogram,” you’ll discover the organization does not provide breast cancer screenings, but (except for a few centers) provides access to them. Hannity could have made the same dishonest assertion if he’d called fire stations and asked, “Are you putting out any fires in the building today?”
He could then question the need for fire stations. Having easy access  to (or specific knowledge of) the truth, but willfully disregarding it, is a lie.
(sources: and Planned Parenthood )
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7 comments on “Sean Hannity’s Mammogram Lie

  1. FoxNewsLies web site caught my attention for several reasons. First, it’s an easy to read and understandable accounting of lies and deceptions we Americans are fed every day by politicians. Second, it has contact numbers for these very politicans in the event we want to voice out. If you are interested in learning the real truths, minus the lies, then this might be of interest to you. It’s well documented and written by a dear friend of mine who’s goal is to educate using the truth. I think he’s on to something

  2. James on said:

    My father is an avid FoxNews watcher and believer. I could not bear the bully tactics any longer and tried to ween him off of Faux News but to no avail. As a consequence NO ONE ever asks him his opinion on matters political or otherwise. We all leave him alone in his self imposed exile of intellect. The dangers of Fox News is not their bias but how many and who buys into their obviously far right political leanings. Our Pastor of the church has repeatedly encouraged his followers to tune into FoxNews. I was astounded by this statement and questioned him. Resulting in my family being outcast and alienated from many churches in our area. The hate being fed these church members was being taken in like candy. We are thinkers and have always been that way. We are now avoided like we have leprosy! I believe that the church should lose it’s tax exempt status as they are always telling people who to vote for. And surprise! everyone they tell you to vote for has been republican. The dangers are severe because they are preaching hate and it will not be long before they condone violent action instead of voting their way. And the good folks they are preaching to are being easily misled. Jesus said NO to the powers and authorities offered him by the devil and good Christians should say NO also to the same temptation. We should vote based on that particular individuals character, not his/her political party. As an American citizen I am conservative on some issues and very liberal on others and on some I am undecided. That’s what makes America so potentially great is that there are so many different opinions and we as adults must understand that there may be 30 million different opinions on one issue. We must conduct ourselves with professionalism and at least with some consideration for others. To insist that others are wrong and you are right is arrogance. I am very embarrassed by the way some members of our senate address the President, they are just fitting into what society would expect from upper middle class to rich class Republicans. It’s embarrassing what so many of my European friends think about USA. And yes my conservative brethren it does matter what our neighbor thinks of us. You can only call a nation GREAT depending on the way it treats the least amongst them. Our senior citizens have to fight everyday to put food and prescription meds on the table. Our single working Moms have been abandoned and can barely feed themselves let alone their kids. If this is a Christian Nation then why is poverty growing every day? If there are truly 80% Christians in this country we should be able to eradicate poverty by charity alone but even with government assistance we have barely made a dent. When Jesus said we would always have poverty among us I believe he meant a poverty of the soul.

    • You are saying an organization of like minded individuals has no right to express their views unless they think like you?

  3. freedoms66 on said:

    James, I sincerely appreciate your sentiments. It’s makes many of us sad knowing that our nation’s politics are being distorted by people who really don’t have a stake in their outcome.

  4. Vera Waitress on said:

    CORRECTION: According to Planned Parenthood, its medical staff performed 747,607 “breast exams/breast care” in 2010 (but not mammograms), the most recent statistics available. As for cervical cancer screenings, as the president mentioned, it performed 769,769 Pap tests.

    In addition to mammogram referrals, Planned Parenthood says it helps low-income patients find grants and assistance to pay for mammograms, such as through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, which is for women at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

  5. Vera Waitress on said:

    Here’s the poltifact redux of the mammogram issue:

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