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About WayWire

Waywire is an online video curation platform. Whether you want to:

  • host, encode and stream video
  • manage content
  • get video analytics
  • monetize your videos

Waywire covers your needs with a single, unified online video platform. You can easily set up keywords pertaining to the content on your website and have relevant videos sent straight to you the moment they go live via dozens of our content sources. We’ve made it simple for you to host your own video, embed third party content, and learn more about your users with in-depth analytics. You then have the ability to monetize this content, as well as your own, in the form of linear ads.


  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Tech
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Health

Your users' favorite videos are one click away

Whether you’re a popular consumer brand or an emerging B2B publisher, everyone is looking to access more engaging content and make viewers spend more time exploring your website.

Waywire provides several levels of engagement with your video site, including; aggregation of paid and owned content into a single CMS, community uploaded content and aggregated content from across the web to fill out a robust and flexible library.

Ads shown before the video content, most effective for brand association and favorability.

Unlock the true value of your video with Waywire

Waywire’s proprietary ad delivery technologies offer linear ads: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll monetization, and display units to maximize revenue from your site. Easily monetize your videos using our ads, or integrate your own. Learn more about your content views and ad impressions with our advanced analytics to measure and drive attention.

Content owners

A new way to maximize your assets

Waywire enables premium content owners, such as movie studios and broadcasters to grow their audience, expand their brand and maximize their revenues through our sophisticated content management platform.


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