Sarah Palin’s $2 Million Lie

The Lie?
Once again, Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin (R-Fox News), continued her near fact-free string of appearances. On April 9th. She questioned why “President Obama would have spent $2 million not to show his birth certificate.”
The Truth
There’s really no proof (and there’s no doubt Palin has any) that the president has spent that much money trying to keep his birth certificate from being released. (First, the long-released “certificate of live birth” IS considered the official birth certificate in the state of Hawaii). But has conducted extensive research into the amount of money Obama, or his presidential campaign has spent trying “not to show his birth certificate.” “After we looked through court records and spoke to experts in the field, we found insufficient evidence to support the claim that Obama for America spent $2 million solely on birth-certificate-related work,” has reported. Palin should be ashamed of herself. (sources: and
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