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The Serial Fox News LIE About Drops in Net Worth Under President Obama

The Lie?
On a number of Fox News shows on June 12th, 2012 Karl Rove, Steve Doocy, Sean Hannity and Patti Ann Browne overstated and misstated the findings contained within a Federal Reserve Board Survey by claiming that a 38.8 percent drop in the median net worth of Americans had taken place during “the last three years.” (Read: It’s all Obama’s fault)
The Truth
The Federal Reserve Survey clearly states that the period covered was between 2007 and 2010. In other words, there was a concerted effort at Fox News to blame the entire drop in net worth on President Obama, when much of it began under President George W. Bush.

source: mediamatters.org)

Dana Perino’s LIE About Diane Sawyer’s Interview with Mitt Romney

The Lie?
During a segment on the Fox News late night program Red Eye, Fox News Contributor (and former Bush White House mouthpiece) Dana Perino made the false claim that ABC’s Diane Sawyer had asked Gov. Mitt Romney about putting his dog Seamus on the roof of his car. “That was her first question,” Perino claimed. “Not how are you going to create jobs? What is going wrong? How will you turn things around? It was why did you let your dog ride on the roof of the car,” she asked breathlessly. Such a claim against a member of the supposed “liberal media,” would continue to advance the notion that news outlets other than Fox News aren’t appropriately taking Romney seriously.
The Truth
According to a transcript of the interview, the question about Seamus was the 23rd one asked. A variety of serious subjects were asked of Romney before the one about Seamus. (sources: mediaite.com/ and abcnews.com )

Steve Doocy’s LIE About President Obama’s “Silver Spoon” Comment

The Lie?
On the April 19th, 2012 edition of Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy deliberately misquoted a statement made by President Obama during a speech he gave on the previous day. While interviewing Gov. Mitt Romney, Doocy claimed the president had said, “Unlike some people, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” which gave the distinct impression that he had been referring to Romney. Romney immediately pounced on the intentional misstatement as if the president had been talking about him.
The Truth
The president never used the words, “Unlike some people,” when he made his statement. His exact words were, “Somebody gave me an education.  I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  Michelle wasn’t.  But somebody gave us a chance — just like these folks up here are looking for a chance.” White House spokesman Jay Carney would later say the remark had nothing to do with Romney. In fact, long before Romney announced his candidacy for president, Obama made a similar statement during a speech in March of 2009. “None of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths — but we got a great education. And if we combine additional resources with a commitment to reform, then I think we can deliver that for every American child,” he said back then. (source: Fox News Lies reader MT)

UPDATES: On the Monday, April 24th, 2012 edition of The Colbert Report, a number of video clips were shown of the president using similar language on: April 14th, 2011; October 30th, 2010; and October 22nd, 2010. During the Tuesday morning, April 25th, 2012 edition of Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy offered a tepid “clarification” for his obvious lie. He claimed he was merely paraphrasing the president, and that he “seemed” to be misquoting him.


Karl Rove’s (Repeated) LIE About President Obama’s Loan to Brazil

Karl Rove
The Lie? On the February 20th, 2012 edition of the Fox News show Hannity, Fox News contributor Karl Rove (R-Fox News), repeated the falsehood that President Obama gave a ($2 billion) loan to Brazil’s national oil company - Petrobras. According to Rove, “The president even gave a loan to Brazil. Why do they need our money, they’ve got plenty of their own.” Rove’s straight-faced assertions, as it turns out, were really bald-faced lies.
The Truth According to FactCheck.org, the loan to Petrobras, was approved by members of the Bush administration (three Republicans and two Democrats) who were on the board of directors of the U.S. Export-Import Bank. There were no Obama appointees involved with the vote. Additionally, it has also been implied that American tax dollars would be used to make the loan. That, too, is not true. What makes these lies even more egregious is the fact that they have all been refuted since 2009.
(sources: mediamatters.org and FactCheck.org)


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