Karl Rove’s American Troops Lie

Karl Rove

On the March 23rd edition of Hannity, Fox News Contributor Karl Rove claimed during a conversation about the U.S. involvement in Libya, that “American troops have never been under the formal control of another nation.Why should we start now?”
The Truth
The online fact-checking web site, PolitiFact.com, ruled Karl Rove’s statement false. Not only that, PolitiFact.com cited a 2001 Congressional Research Service report that found, “Coalition warfare and the leadership of foreign commanders has played a part in U.S. history since the War for Independence, when the commander of the troops of the predecessor colonies, George Washington, entrusted a key mission and command of 2,000 Continental soldiers to a French Major General, the Marquis de Lafayette.”
PolitiFact.com concluded that “there are at least 17 examples, stretching back longer than a century, in which U.S. forces have worked, mostly successfully, under foreign operational leadership.”
Rove has since admitted his “error.” He did claim he’d just “checked quickly” for post-WWII cases of the U.S. military relinquishing its control foreign commanders. However, PolitiFact.com also cited numerous cases where that occurred after WWII.
FNL isn’t calling that an “error.” It’s another Fox News Lie.
(source: PolitiFact.com)
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