Mike Huckabee’s Lie about President Obama Being a Foreign Student

The Lie?
During the January 20th, 2012 edition of The O’Reilly Factor, Mike Huckabee (R-Fox News), indicated that Gov. Mitt Romney should challenge President Obama to release his college application materials and college transcripts, in exchange for the release of Romney’s tax returns. By having the president release those documents, according to Huckabee, it would be a way “to show whether he got any loans as a foreign student.”

The Truth
Huckabee has repeatedly tried to paint Obama as a foreigner. In fact, he earned Fox News Lies’ “2011 Lie(s) of the Year” honors for first claiming that the president was raised in Kenya, then he claimed he was raised in Indonesia. Both statements have been proven to be false. Huckabee’s latest lie has already been refuted by FactCheck.org, which highlighted how the falsehood about Obama’s supposed scholarship for foreign students was first presented in a false email.
(sources: mediamatters.org and FactCheck.org )

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17 Responses to “Mike Huckabee’s Lie about President Obama Being a Foreign Student”

  1. Robert Wesolowski says:

    Why does Canada refuse to give News Corp (Fox News) a permit to broadcast in Canada?

    • patricia sturdevant says:

      because they are smarter than we are

    • rick ruskin says:

      Are you serious? Fox news doesn’t broadcast anywhere, they are carried by cable outlets all over the world, including Canada. Boy are you gullible.

  2. TJ Daniels poet says:

    Because Canada is smart! They know trash when they see it and they are not trash collectors.

  3. dan says:

    because Canada may have criteria for responsible jounalism, which fox does not. Actually fox should be over at comedy central for the humor and stupidity they pound out.

    • Guayaquil says:

      As a Canadian, I’m flattered by these comments. However, with our current (tea party?) government everything is up fo grabs. They’re systematically destroying one of our cultural institutions - the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. ( like PBS, National Radio). Fox has a good chance now.
      Plus, we do have satellite and lots of right- wing ….. People.

  4. nigel barnes says:

    Yes, they didn’t pass the “responsible jounalism” litmus test that the CRTC requires of foreign broadcasters, but sad to say we already have Fox news lite by means of Sun News TV…if you want to see embarrasing journalism they are your one stop shopping centre…..

  5. BH Poole says:

    I am tired of Fox and all its lies about Obama.I am a registered Republican, and I am voting for Obama because of Fox.
    Mike Huckabee is not a Christian. The more I hear from him, the more fear he spreads . Lies are not Christian.

  6. dale orrison says:

    While looking at your examples of Fox News lies most of these things are not news they are off of Talking head shows like O’Rielly and Hannidy not the same as Dan Rather making up stories for the CBS evening News. But even so I would think that an outfit that spends as much time as you clearly do searching for lies would just be mildly curious as to how a sub par student (his words not mine) got into any of these colleges.

    • freedoms66 says:

      It’s not called the Fox Talking Head Network. Stating opinions as fact has long been a problem at Fox News. Also, nobody is “spending a lot of time” searching for lies. Mainly because you don’t have to look far to find them.

  7. Rick Lawrence says:

    What was the proof again? I mean to the only prove I could see that Huckabee told a false statement would be the actually release of the documents.

    • freedoms66 says:

      Didn’t you read the item? It says that FactCheck.org has ALREADY refuted the claim. I’m sure, though, that won’t satisfy anybody who still wants to believe that fiction is fact.

  8. Jake Hammel says:

    Was OBama even a student at Columbia? See attached news story that the mainstream media won’t touch. Please pursue this credible source who says Obama did not attend columbia. Why does not he Release his College transcripts like all other presidents…. what’s he hiding now???


    • Right now, only you and Mike Huckabee are the only people who care.

    • Tony says:

      Hey Jake turn off fox news and get a life. Are you a birther also? Do you think Obama is from Kenya? Wrong! How about Indonesia? Do you think the two places are close together like your hero hannity? I thought so. Wrong again. Jesus Christ what a bunch of idiots. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone that I was a republican.

  9. Tony says:

    If you are not a liar you have no place at fox news. Facts are not allowed. Only warped conservative opinions count. This crap is nothing more than satire and can’t be taken seriously. Watch hannity or Greta or oreilly if your stomach can take it. Nothing but opinionated nonsense and lies.

  10. Charlie says:

    I am neutral. I am not Republican nor Democrat. I Believe all politics are a false hope. So consider that as I say…

    Both sides lie quite a bit. Lie can mean more then a false statement.
    However even knowing that I feel esp. sad fr FoX viewers. They seek to justify hatred for Obama. That is not a good way to be.

    Fox does lie an amazing amount for a news network. The problem is FoX viewers cannot tell what are lies. The bias they have in their hearts and minds causes them to become angry in the face of facts.
    Still MSNBC is not to be relied on either. I have heard enough dishonesty from that network as well. Usually it is not false facts as it is false narratives. See “war on women”

    I implore anyone interested in being a Christian to stay away from all politics as the bible makes it clear that human forms of government are under Satan’s rule. I know many here would balk at that but it is an actual fact that again and again the bible describes all the worlds governments as Satan’s.

    Note that the Devil offered Jesus all the world governments if he bowed down to him….also note the bibles claim that God will destroy all human governments and set up his own on earth that would last forever.

    Oddly many miss this point in the most famous prayer example in the bible as Matthew 6:9 “..Let your Kingdom come…”
    I do not say all this to preach but rather to educate. False religions have no actual understanding of the bible.

    Imagine Catholic , Baptist, Protestant etc. church’s as the Fox news of religion.

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