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Mike Huckabee’s Fox News LIE(S) of the Year - 2011

Fox News Lies - Lie of the Year

The Lie? In early March, Mike Huckabee (R-Fox News), told several Fox News Lies about President Obama. First, he told a radio show host, “One thing that I do know is his (President Obama) having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American,” said the Fox […]

Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson LIES about Obama’s Supposed Tax on Christmas Trees

The Lie? On the November 8th, 2011 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson LIED by claiming, “The Obama administration, adding a Christmas tree tax, while the government ‘Grinching’ 15 cents out of your pockets potentially.” < The Truth Discussion about what would lead to an additional Christmas tree, started BEFORE the President Obama […]

Sean Hannity’s Preposterous Reagan’s Economy Lie


The Lie? On the October 6th, 2011 edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity made the false statement that President Ronald Reagan, “inherited a far worse economy than (President) Obama.” < The Truth This is one of the kinds of Fox News Lies that have become commonplace. Hannity knows that Reagan did NOT inherit a worse […]

Sean Hannity’s LIE About Never Questioning Barack Obama’s Patriotism


The Lie? On the August 24th, 2011 edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity claimed “he would never question President Obama’s Patriotism.” As points out, Hannity has a long and troubling history of questioning the president’s patriotism. The Truth 1. On August 7, 2008, Hannity claimed to “never hear” Obama discuss “how great this country […]

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