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Mike Huckabee’s Fox News LIE(S) of the Year - 2011

Fox News Lies - Lie of the Year
The Lie?
In early March, Mike Huckabee (R-Fox News), told several Fox News Lies about President Obama. First, he told a radio show host, “One thing that I do know is his (President Obama) having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American,” said the Fox host. “If you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.”
The Truth
President Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. His first trip to Kenya wasn’t until the 1980s. (source: talkingpointsmemo.com)
In fact, during an interview on Good Morning America on February 21st, Huckabee said, “Let’s focus on the issues with which we have disagreement, not on, really, the extraneous personal things that are immaterial. Huckabee later compounded the original lie, by claiming he’d been a little tired the day he offered the original lie. He later told Bill O’Reilly (R-Fox News) that he’d actually written in his book, A Simple Government, that Obama was actually raised in Indonesia. He said that appeared on page 183 of the book. Unfortunately, that was LIE #2. There is no page 183 in that book. Congratulations Mr. Huckabee! You’ve provided Fox News Lies Lie of the Year.

Fox News’ Labor Statistics LIE

The Lie?
On December 12th, Fox News furnished more proof why seven polls have found that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed. In segment highlighting the current unemployment rate, a Fox News graphic clearly showed the current national unemployment rate of 8.6% is HIGHER than 8.8%, and equal to 9.0%.
The Truth
The actual Bureau of Labor Statistics chart shows a completely different unemployment picture. (sources: mediamatters.org/ and ThinkProgress.com )

Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson LIES about Obama’s Supposed Tax on Christmas Trees

The Lie? On the November 8th, 2011 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson LIED by claiming, “The Obama administration, adding a Christmas tree tax, while the government ‘Grinching’ 15 cents out of your pockets potentially.”
The Truth Discussion about what would lead to an additional Christmas tree, started BEFORE the President Obama took office - in February of 2008. What’s more, the fee levels are not set by the government, but by the Christmas tree industry. And further, this LIE had been first advanced by Matt Drudge, in a Drudge Report item titled, “Obama’s new Christmas Tree Tax.” Such claims support the faulty notion that Barack Obama hates Christmas and Christians. The fees were designed to help the Christmas tree industry better market its products. They were never intended to go into the government’s coffers.  (source: mediamatters.org)


Sean Hannity’s Preposterous Reagan’s Economy Lie

The Lie? On the October 6th, 2011 edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity made the false statement that President Ronald Reagan, “inherited a far worse economy than (President) Obama.”
The Truth This is one of the kinds of Fox News Lies that have become commonplace. Hannity knows that Reagan did NOT inherit a worse economy than Obama, but he allows the lie to slip through his lips as if it is a foregone conclusion. According to a report published at IHS Global Insight on July 29th, 2011, “The fourth quarter of 2008, right after the Lehman failure, now shows an 8.9% annual rate of decline in GDP (previously 6.8%), and now represents the worst single-quarter decline in GDP since the 10.4% drop in the first quarter of 1958, exceeding the 7.9% decline in the second quarter of 1980.”
Also, on the same day, McClatchy Newspapers reported that, “The quarterly percentage change in real gross domestic product was revised down for six of the 12 quarters reviewed. That means the Great Recession, already the worst downturn since the 1930s, was even more damaging than previously recognized.”
(source: mediamatters.org)


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