Sean Hannity’s Preposterous “Candidate Obama” Lie

The Lie?
On the May 2nd, 2011 edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity told the baldfaced lie that by President Obama giving the go ahead to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan it was, “Almost the opposite of what candidate Obama said he would do.” During an hour highlighted by Hannity’s frequently childish assertions about the nature of the action, and its aftermath, he failed to prove anything – except he’s a liar.
The Truth
Hannity clearly knew the president had made statements about going into Pakistan and killing Bin Laden during his 2008 presidential campaign. In fact, after Obama had claimed, “If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and [Pakistan] President Musharraf will not act, we will,” on August 1st, 2007, Hannity became one of the leading conservative voices who ridiculed it.
On the August 14th, 2007 edition of Hannity & Colmes, Hannity repeatedly mischaracterized Obama’s statement. He claimed Obama had a “willingness to invade an ally against their will.” He also charged that Obama would “bomb an ally, General Musharraf in Pakistan,” as part of his supposed proof that Obama would be unsuitable for the presidency.

It is quite clear that when Hannity made the claim that Obama’s endorsed plan to go after Bin Laden in Pakistan was “almost the opposite of what candidate Obama said he would do,” he was telling the WORST kind of Fox News Lie. Something, I might add, there is no shortage of. (source:

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4 Responses to “Sean Hannity’s Preposterous “Candidate Obama” Lie”

  1. Geez says:

    Geez, Obama said he will act on it. It says nothing about killing. How can you call that a baldfaced lie. Maybe he meant he would capture him.

  2. freedoms66 says:

    So he didn’t say he’d kill Bin Laden. Candidate Obama DID say, and repeatedly, that he would go into Pakistan if he had actionable intelligence that he was there. Hannity was even one of the people who tried to make fun of that statement. Now he dishonestly claims he DIDN’T say it. That’s a boldfaced lie, by any standard.

  3. Hmmm says:

    I assume Hannity’s point was that Obama was against “so called” torture. “Advanced interrogation techniques”.
    Like waterboarding.

    The US waterboarded 3 terrorists directly responsible for 9/11. 3.

    Obama ended that and was against it.
    It’s been proven that the technique led to knowledge about Bin Laden’s courier that they then tracked to Bin Laden’s location in Pakistan.

    Obama never would’ve had the option to get Bin Laden without Bush and those techniques he’s put an end to.

  4. freedoms66 says:

    Nice try, but Hannity wasn’t talking about “advanced interrogation techniques.” Even Rudy “noun, very 9/11” Giuliani corrected him about what Obama REALLY said as a candidate.

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